Which ingredient is the world searching for?

It may not be the most talked about topic on the net, but for us food critics, it’s the age old question – just which ingredient is the most popular. By this we mean of course, which ingredient (non-condiment) is the most commonly used item in every western kitchen around the world.

For us to measure such a thing would involve an enormous survey and would take masses of time and money and frankly I enjoy playing my Xbox, casino games and PS3 too much to bother with something of that size. However, thanks to the power of google, we can carry out a similar investigation within mere seconds.

Just choose your country from the drop down list to see which of the four most popular cooking ingredients are being searched for on Google. Decide once and for all what is king of the kitchen!!

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Online Casino Hosting Cooking Contest

It has been reported that a group of top casinos around the world were planning a country wide master chef cooking search. The German Casino Classic has apparently signed up for the search. There are still people talking about the last competition run by Casino Action in France, where their casino online ran a cooking competition only in Paris. This was most likely as a trial run to see how well people respond to the online casino cooking contest before launching a nationwide call for entries. Either way, it was definitely good publicity and encouraged more people to play at the online casino, or jouer casino en ligne.

European tour of MasterChef?

In this year’s Australian MasterChef show the contestants were invited to go to the UK and to Paris to cook with several of the local chefs at a UK casino. In Paris the individual teams had to shop at a fresh food market and then come up with their own French dishes. If it goes after some Spanish fans of the show, MasterChef should also come to Spain as their are plenty of culinary delights. The online casino, Casino Action, has offered to sponsor the event as part of their annual cooking competition. It's also rumoured that all contestants will get a casino bonus to use when they wish. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

Cooking Competition Hype

Every country has them and they are becoming more and more popular - I'm talking about the cooking competition. Everyone knows people like Jamie Oliver and co., who are teaching people on TV how to cook and make money at the same time. This popularity has attracted next to huge number of followers and an increasing interest in cook books and foodie things.

Lots of money can be made and companies have started funding these shows through sponsoring and advertising. The newest to jump on the bandwagon are online casino operators. They have organized special cooking events for their teams as well as for their customers. Many gamblers enjoy this kind of interaction and can play afterwards on the online cooking related slots, which makes the whole thing even more fun.

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The Most Popular Recipes

Basic Soft Pretzels

Basic Soft Pretzels - necessary dippers for your beer cheese soup ♡ Soft, excessively fluffy, basic, and delicious. These are the BEST.

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Basic Soft Pretzels | 13 Feb 2018 | 4:00 am CST

Beer Cheese Soup with Soft Pretzels

Beer Cheese Soup with Soft Pretzels! WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SAY. Creamy homemade comfort food.

The post Beer Cheese Soup with Soft Pretzels appeared first on Pinch of Yum.

Beer Cheese Soup with Soft Pretzels | 12 Feb 2018 | 4:00 am CST

Salted Caramel Brownies

Salted Caramel Brownies ♡ thick, dense, fudgy brownies stuffed with homemade salted caramel. HEAVEN.

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Salted Caramel Brownies | 9 Feb 2018 | 4:00 am CST

Crunchwrap Supreme

Crunchwrap Supreme! OMG. Layers of taco meat, queso, tostada, lettuce, tomato, salsa, hot sauce, and sour cream.

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Crunchwrap Supreme | 5 Feb 2018 | 4:00 am CST

Sugar Free January Recap

It’s February 1st! Meaning … that’s a wrap on Sugar Free January! WHAT WHAT WHATTTTT! We seriously did it. I don’t know about you guys, but I actually really enjoyed…

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Sugar Free January Recap | 1 Feb 2018 | 4:00 am CST

Avocado Kale Caesar Salad + Sweet Potato Fries

Avocado Kale Caesar Salad is a life-changer! Kale, avocado, and crunchy seeds drenched in a quick creamy avocado caesar dressing that can easily be made vegan, too. Toss some crispy sweet potato fries in are you are SET FOR LIFE.

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Avocado Kale Caesar Salad + Sweet Potato Fries | 29 Jan 2018 | 4:00 am CST